Topic: Top 5 most credible personal statement prompts – 2021


Writing a personal statement is always an interesting and amazingly joyful task for one and especially students. It is because it requires one to be creative instead of being informative and hence, writing such paper or writing pieces makes one enjoy it.

Personal statement: The heart of your application is a picture of you. It portrays your personality, achievements, dreams, and prospects. Whatever you choose to say in your personal statement gives the committee an indication of your priorities to the application committee. How you write essay for me is crucial because an effective personal statement can set your application on top even with an average GPA.

“Tell us something about yourself”. What an easy statement, everybody knows themselves right? Everyone knows themselves better than they know others. But this is the toughest question when it comes to writing a personal statement. All of us can brag about our best friends for hours and hours but when it comes to writing about ourselves, our minds go blank. A personal statement is an essay that you write to get admission in college or while applying for a scholarship to show the committee why you deserve to be admitted to their institute.

A personal statement is very personal thus does not have any single format or writing style, unless any given by the college. As liberating as this sounds, being free from a format can be maddening. The purpose of a personal statement is always the same; to introduce yourself to the selection committee. A perfect personal statement can set you apart from the rest of the candidates and get you admission to that top college you always wanted to go to. Thus, always consult an online essay writing service to help you introduce yourself in the best way possible within those word limits.

Although the essay topic or the essay prompt is specific to every institute, the type of essay required falls under a few basic categories that are given below.

  1. A challenge essay requires you to discuss a challenge that you overcome in your life or even write about a failure you faced at a certain time in your life.
  2. A belief statement that requires you to reflect on a time when you questioned a belief or accepted one and what the outcomes were.
  3. A gratitude essay, in which you give an account of an event where someone did something nice for you and showed gratitude.
  4. The accomplishment essay that discusses an accomplishment, realization, or an event that helped you grow and developed certain qualities in you
  5. The background essay which is by far the most mentioned personal statement type which requires you to give your interests, ideas, and why it inspires you to be a student in that educational institute you’re applying for.

A personal statement cannot be written overnight, it would take several drafts before you are satisfied with what you have written. Always brainstorm your ideas before you get them on paper and note down some defining moments of your life, motivations in your life, what or who inspires you, skills you developed over the years, and things you are proud of.

Unlike other formal essays, personal essay topics are not predefined or the same for every college. Thus, you never know what you’ll be asked about until you start applying. It is always a better idea to practice all forms of personal statements beforehand. If you don’t know what to write, listed below are 5 of the most credible personal statement prompts for 2021 to get you started.

  1. Some students believe that their applications would be incomplete without their background, passions, and identity. Please share your story if this sounds like you.
  2. Describe a challenge or obstacle that you managed to overcome in your life. What was its significance to you and what steps did you take to identify the solutions?
  3. Discuss an event or achievement that has triggered a time of personal development and allowed you to gain new knowledge of yourself and others.
  4. Think about a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or a concept. What caused your thoughts to be? What was the result?
  5. Give an example of your experience of leadership in which you have positively affected others. How did you go about resolving disputes? And how do you make your contribution to group work?

A personal statement is something most students struggle with since it is not a formal essay and thus does not require research or citation of hundreds of references. Throughout their lives, students are instructed to drop the personal pronouns while writing an essay and focus on the formalities strictly. On the contrary, a personal statement makes use of the personal pronoun “I” in abundance. However, that does not mean the essay writer online should make the essay sound like a plea for the application by over usage of the word I.


These topics are examples to help you work on yourself and increase your chances of securing that admission. Always remember that a personal statement is your chance to showcase yourself, tell you a story, and explain to the committee why you are suitable for this scholarship. Some prompts require you to focus on the “what your contribution to the college would be” part. So, make sure you understand the prompt thoroughly and write what has been required by the admission committee.

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